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Signed limited edition of the Wishbone Chair News

To honor Hans J. Wegner's birthday, Carl Hansen & Søn is presenting the first-ever elm version of his Wishbone Chair, available in a limited, signed edition only on April 27, 2017.

CH23 Chair by Hans J. Wegner News

SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017: The CH23 - one of the first chairs Hans J. Wegner designed for Carl Hansen & Søn - is back in production.

Behind an icon: The Wishbone Chair Story

Considered one of the most famous symbols of Danish furniture design, the CH24 is, of course, also known as the Wishbone Chair. Globally admired, its elegant, curved frame is often spotted in the world's best restaurants, hotels, museums and design spaces, as well as in homes across cities, countries, beaches and mountains.

For me it's all architecture Study

The British Architect John Pawson's talent for bringing together architecture and furniture to create a mutually enriching whole is legendary. We asked him to discuss his approach to his work as well as his thoughts on iconic furniture design such as the Wishbone Chair.

"I think you only have to look at a Georgian three-pronged silver fork or a seventeenth century Japanese Raku tea bowl - or, indeed, a Wishbone Chair - to trust in the notion of timeless design." - John Pawson

The Master of the Chair Story

Danish architect Hans J. Wegner is considered a pioneering furniture designer of the twentieth century. As a driving force behind 'Danish Modern', he helped change the general public's view of furniture in the 1950s and 1960s.

Rocking Nest Chair News

SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017: Anker Bak and Carl Hansen & Søn present an innovative and functional rocking chair.

PK1 by Poul Kjærholm News

SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017: Carl Hansen & Søn presents Poul Kjærholm's first chair: The PK1.

A new museum dedicated to design and architecture Study

The much-anticipated London Design Museum has opened in its new Kensington location. British architect and designer John Pawson has created the spectacular interior of the building, which showcases Pawson's highly accurate and uncompromising way of working with every component of a space to create a sense of whole.

Welcome to the Milan Home Story

SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017: Carl Hansen & Søn welcomes you to The Milan Home, a thoughtfully curated apartment at this year's Milan Fair Ground that explores the way we translate the traditional spaces we inhabit into a home. Follow each chapter, as the rooms unfold one by one each day during Salone Del Mobile 2017.

Chapter 1: The Hallway: "Home and privacy" Story

THE MILAN HOME 2017: Explore the first chapter of The Milan Home as we transition from the outside world into the hallway - a space for privacy as well as public display.

Beak Chair by Ole Wanscher News

SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017: Carl Hansen & Søn is adding a rare design, the sculptural Beak Chair by Ole Wanscher, to its exclusive Wanscher collection.

Botanica and Oceania Rugs Collections News

SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017: Naja Utzon Popov has created two new rug collections with Carl Hansen & Søn, drawing on the natural environments of Denmark and Japan as major sources of inspiration.

Chapter 2: The Kitchen: "Home & Sharing" Story

THE MILAN HOME 2017: Discover the second chapter of The Milan Home as we enter the kitchen - no longer a purely functional space but a place for social encounters and spending time together.

Chapter 3: The Dining Room: "Home & Representation" Story

THE MILAN HOME 2017: In the third chapter of The Milan Home we are invited into the formal dining room - a space for special gatherings and representation

Chapter 4: The Study: "Home & Identity" Story

The fourth chapter of The Milan Home explores the study - a place to open your mind and reflect.

Chapter 5: The Living Room: "Home & Memory" Story

THE MILAN HOME 2017: Settle into the living room as the fifth chapter of The Milan Home unfolds. The living room is a space curated around nostalgia, memory and warmth and sets the scene for some of our most heartening moments.

Chapter 6: The Bathroom: "Home & Intimacy" Story

THE MILAN HOME 2017: The sixth and concluding chapter of The Milan Home opens the door to the bathroom - a darker, calming space that creates a sanctuary and a cocoon for nurturing oneself.

A Century of Masterworks News

Carl Hansen & Søn welcome you to our Milan Showroom to experience the "A Century of Masterworks" exhibition currently at show.


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